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The Women’s Doc

Caroline’s new book was released by Allen and Unwin on 4th May 2021. Written by invitation from the publishers, The Women’s Doc contains 73 pieces, some short, some longer, with stories of Caroline’s practice in medicine and particularly women’s health, over fifty years. Included too are many stories from Ireland, Australia and Papua-New Guinea about the campaigns for women’s rights to safe, legal and effective healthcare that Caroline was directly involved in.

Available from a bookseller near you and online.

'An enthralling and at times eye-popping ride through her brilliant career as an obstetrician and fierce advocate for women's reproductive freedom.' - Anne Summers

'Caroline de Costa has lived an exciting and unusual life, is a brilliant doctor, a fierce and trailblazing feminist and now reveals herself as a gripping and evocative writer!' - Jane Caro


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