Sarah Bernhardt

Published by Editions Glyphe, Paris 2013

This book was awarded the 2013 Prix de l'Académie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Bordeaux, and in 2014 the Prix de l'Académie des Lettres et des Arts du Périgord.

The Diva and Dr God

Caroline de Costa and Francesca Miller, 2010

The Diva and Dr God, by Caroline de Costa Samuel Pozzi and Sarah Bernhardt first met in the Latin Quarter of Paris, when he was a student at the University's Faculty of Medicine and she was an actress just beginning her ascent to stardom. The sexual attraction was mutual, immediate and overwhelming and was to burn for ten years. Though they would seek solace in the arms of other loves, they would remain dedicated to each other until death separated them.
The Diva and Dr God examines the fascinating relationship between these two, drawing from many previously unseen letters and other material.
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In March 2013, a French translation of The Diva and Dr God was published in Paris as Sarah Bernhardt et le Docteur Pozzi by Editions Glyphe.

Never ever again... Why Australian Abortion Law Needs Reform

Published by Booloarong Press, 2010

Hail Caesar, by Caroline de Costa In the years prior to 1970, hundreds of Queensland women died from the complications of unsafe illegal abortion. Many thousands more survived, but suffered from chronic ill-health for the rest of their lives. Only in the past four decades have Australian women been able to access safe abortion, and this access has been most difficult for the women of Queensland. The tragic stories that are the history of abortion in Queensland have long been hidden in the police gazettes and inquest records of the state government archives. In Never Ever Again, Caroline de Costa unearths many of these records to show exactly what abortion meant for Australian women before the landmark Menhennitt judgment in Victoria and other legal cases opened the way for law reformers and enlightened doctors to provide safe accessible abortion. Although abortion law has been reformed or decriminalised in many Australian states and territories, it remains a crime in Queensland, New South Wales and other states - with ongoing detrimental effects for women. Not the least of these effects is the charging of a young Cairns woman with procuring her own abortion, almost certainly the only time such a charge has ever been brought in Australia. Caroline de Costa argues strongly for the need for abortion law reform right across the country - so that the tragedies of the past and the tragedy of the present can never occur again. Never, ever, again.
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Hail Caesar: Why one in three Australian babies is born by Caesarean Section

Published by Booloarong Press, 2008

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Hail Caesar, by Caroline de CostaWho performed the first caesarean? Was Julius Caesar born by caesarean section? If I have a caesarean for my first baby do all the other births have to be caesareans as well? Is it okay for a woman to have a caesarean just because she wants one, or is she being selfish? What are the real risks of caesarean section? And why is the caesarean rate rising steadily in Australia, so that one in three babies is now born this way?
These questions, and many others about this hotly-debated surgical operation, are all answered in Hail Caesar, a well-informed and provocative explanation of every aspect of caesarean birth. From the pen of a woman doctor who has personally performed more than 4,000 caesareans comes a guide to the operation packed with facts, sympathetic to all viewpoints, and up-to-date in its attitudes.
Caesarean, says Caroline de Costa, while not a 'natural' method of birth, is now both common and safe, and should be regarded as one of the normal birth methods. Accurate information about the surgery should be supplied to all pregnant women, so that when faced with the possibility of the surgery for themselves they can make an informed decision. Currently women who give birth by caesarean too often end up feeling guilty or negative about their experience because they have not been well prepared.
For mothers, mothers-to-be, fathers, partners, families and all those just interested in birth, here is the definitive book on caesarean section in Australia in the 21st century.
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Published by Booloarong Press, 2007

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RU486, by Caroline de CostaRU486 is the drug prescribed for medical abortion. This book deals clearly with the nature and effects of the drug, its risks and the history of its development and use in Europe, the United States and other overseas countries. It recounts the politics and controversy that surrounded its introduction into Australia. It discusses the drug’s possibilities for use in the future ­ for medical abortion, but also for contraception and for the treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, and cancers of the breast and brain. RU486 is an important drug; RU486 the book is an important reference source for both women and men.
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Download a pdf of a review of RU486 by Dr Caroline Harvey,
Medical Director, Family Planning Queensland

With Michele Moore MD, Caroline de Costa has published five books:

Caesarean section - understanding and celebrating your baby's birth

Published by Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003

The essential guide to caesarean birth, a book to prepare you if you are likely to have a caesarean, or to explain all those things you didn't understand at the time for women who had an unexpected Caesar. Information about the reasons for the operation, how it's done, risks and after-birth care are presented in easily accessible way with lots of stories from women that Caroline and Michele have cared for in their own practices. The book also provides information information for those who wish to try for a vaginal birth (VBAC) following a previous caesarean.

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Dick - a guide to the penis for men and women

Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2003

Published in the US as Dick - a user's guide, Matlowe, 2004

Dick is your guide to everything you've ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about that most friendly male appendage. Also published in Spanish as Pene.

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Do you really need surgery? A sensible guide to hysterectomy and other procedures for women

Rutgers University Press, 2004

A user-friendly guide to gynaecological surgery. Using anecdotes from more than fifty years combined experience Caroline and Michele provide clear and accurate information for women about their anatomy and how it works, common gynaecological ailments, diagnosis, alternative treatments and finally, full details of the surgery itself. They also help women through the post-operative phase and answer some commonly-asked questions.

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A woman's concise guide to common medical tests

Rutgers University Press, 2005

Straight forward easily read prose about all the common medical tests currently offered to 'well women' including Pap smears, STI tests, mammograms, diabetes screening, bone density and many more. Follows the women of the Morris family and many of their friends through a series of different tests to keep up reader interest and has dozens of handy tables.

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Mid Life New Life - Pregnancy and parenting after 35

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006

More and more women are having babies after the age of 35 and experiencing the joy of motherhood. But mothers-to-be sometimes face unique medical, emotional and social challenges. Conception may be difficult and the risk of miscarriage during early pregnancy is higher than in younger women, as are the risks of diabetes and hypertension. And having a child in later life can be surprisingly disruptive to well-established domestic routines and carefully-cultivated careers. Caroline and Michele, who have both been down this road themselves, offer reliable medical expertise and personal reassurance to women tackling these challenges.

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